Baseline It!, Inc.


"Baselining body, heart, mind, and soul, I'm coming ever close to my goal."


Baseline It!, Inc. will lay the foundation for a better world.


Through the principles of "baselining," Baseline It!, Inc. will guide humanity towards exemplary lives, and perhaps, utopia.

30 Second Pitch

Do you have free will? Yes? Punch me in the face. Fly to the ceiling. Live forever. The point is, there are far more things we cannot do, than we can do. Despite evolutionary instinct, one thing we can do is ovecome fear and hubris. Would you believe the world could one day be free of conflict? It could. The choice is ours, each and everyone of us, including you.


  • Baseline Your Life (Book)

    Baseline Your Life will be an indepth, challenging, self-help book spanning everything from daily routines to philosophical thought. It will be broken up into sections according to the four realms of life - body, heart, mind, and soul. It will provide all of the principles of "baselining," allowing readers to achieve their most exemplary life possible. will be the companion website to the Baseline Your Life book. It will act as a hub by offering products and services meant to reenforce the guidance presented in the book, such as, access to experts in various fields, worksheets/templates, and daily affirmation feeds.

  • Baseline Your Society

    I do believe it possible to write a full book that concerns applying the "baselining" principles on a larger scale, such as, in a designated society. After all, the choices we make as individuals are the same as the choices we make as societies because societies are made up of people. How we can make better choices as a whole society will be addressed.

    Baseline Your Business

    More than likely people are going to want a spin-off book on various areas. How to run a business in an exemplary fashion is sure to be one of them. I've yet to consider if the content is even there, so this is merely acting as a place-holder for now.