Care Mail Inc.


"You care; therefore, we mail."


Care Mail Inc. will be loved for spreading the love.


Care Mail Inc.'s mission is to make the act of bridging the gap between distant loved ones easier, more fun, personal, and meaningful.

30 Second Pitch

Care Mail Inc. is a spin-off company based on one of Care-ovation Inc.'s inventions - The Mailable Hug and Handshake. Care Mail Inc. was envisioned as a company that will specialize in bridging the gap between separated loved ones, such as military families, frequent travelers, and college students. Therefore, Care-ovations Inc. designed a number of other products which could serve this purpose, all of which are listed below, and which Care Mail Inc. will license from Care-ovations Inc. in order to manufacture, market, and sell. Care Mail Inc. will partner with other retailers, both online and in stores, such as Amazon and Aafes, in order to reach the widest possible consumer base.


  • Mailable Handshakes

  • Mr. Tubbles

  • Trip Capsule