Followership - An Unequaled Privelege

The 80/20/2 Rule

I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule. If you're not familiar, the 80/20 rule states roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In other words, 80% of the "moving" is thanks to 20% of the "shakers." I personally think this should be taken a step further. I believe 80% of the 20%'s motivation comes from 2% of the population. These are the exemplary people among us, people like Gandhi, Tesla, Chaplin, etc. They're the ones who can't help but change the entire world. We need more exemplary people who think along the lines descirbed herein to lead the way in various fields.

Do I Count Myself Among Them?

There have been many times in which I've consdered ways I could remain anonymous, while still disseminating my belief system. I would prefer people focus on the ideas themselves, honing them, rather than scrutinize the messenger, as often happens, but I ultimately saw no reason to do this. In fact, there's a good reason not to. Because self-actualization is such a big part of my belief system, I think it wise to stand out front as an example, embodying my beliefs with every step I take. Thus, I would like to count myself as being among the 2%, but I don't think I can...yet. I'm still working on self-actualizing. I see the path, but still have some distance to walk. I will strive to go the distance until I die, but my success is highly dependent on being followed by 20% of the population.

The Art of Followership

In a nation that declares, "All men are created equal," it's difficult for examplaries to standout. Well, they find a way regardless, but the reason only 20% of the population chooses to follow them is because the rest are too busy trying to bring them down to their level. I personally believe we are NOT all equal. The idea we are is just another untruth we are trying to shore up to prevent the truth from breaking through because it fits in well with a system. More people need to learn the art of followership, that is, identifying, accepting, and supporting people who are exemplary. Of course, self-actualization is needed to overcome fear/hubris and become an ideal follower, but even those who aren't there yet shouldn't put up such a fuss. For one thing, it's not that difficult to tell a disciple from a despot; and for another, people need to seriously consider what they contribute to the world compared to others.

A Follower of the Truth

I would like to be a follower, but I honestly haven't found anyone worth following. Yes, there are certain men and women in certain fields I respect, but I don't see an all around exemplary nature in them. They fail to see the truths I've overviewed here. Thus, the only thing worth following is the truth itself. What does that look like? Let me expain it this way: the formation of my views began with a personal reexamination of the concept of love, which many people consider a truth of sorts, even going so far as to say it is a force in nature directing our destinies. I've found this to be outright silly, but it presents an interesting scenario. What if we treated truth similarly? What if the reason there is so little truth in the world is because we're forcing it into hiding? What if it was a force in nature that showed itself the more we ceased creating untruths? When I said, "get out of the way and let truth reign," I really (sort of) meant it. Being a servant of the truth is the surest way to a fulfilling life. I hope to be living proof.