"Your life will never be the same."


PIMier Inc. will set the standard for how people interact with computers and vice versa.


PIMier Inc.'s mission is to make information work for people rather than make people work for their information.

30 Second Pitch

Do you know what the difference is between a paper-based planner (like a Dayrunner) and a suite of software (like Outlook)? Not a thing. Yes, software-based personal Information management (PIM) systems have the added benefit of alerting you of appointments via a chime, but that is the extent to which computer processors are used in modern PIM systems. With the onset of the semantic web, where you don't merely interact with computers, but computers interact with you, there needs to be a company that stands out as the leader in PIM, offering a robust tool that fully utilizes the power of computers. That company will be PIMier Inc. Only the very best practices will comprise PIMier Inc.'s PIM system. Managing your life will be so much easier, you'll wish you had more hobbies.



PIMier Inc. will focus its efforts on a web-based version of its PIM system - It will be a free service where users can manage every aspect of their lives, from planning a date night to scheduling appointments with potential clients. The revenues will come from other companies "advertising" their products/services through as suggestions to users.


PIMier Inc. will eventually port the web-based into a full Operating System - PIMos. More than likely, PIMier Inc. will also design the hardware on which PIMos will be installed. PIMier Inc. would like to see a market where a true "all-in-one" device is permitted to exist and customers are probably going to expect PIMier Inc. to release such a device. Hint hint, FCC.