An Exemplary Society -- Won't You be Our Neighbor?

All for One and One for All - Dumas was No Dumba**

There were a few things I purposely neglected to say regarding self-actualization on the last page because it touches upon a delecate topic - collectivism. It's easy to see how individuals amount to a collective, but it is not so easy for us to see how the collective shapes the individuals. Sure, most of us would say the collective "influences" us, but I'm saying we'd be nothing without the collective. We all want to leave a mark on the world, but the world makes marks on us long before we ever even enter it. We are the product of everyone around us far more than we are the product of ourselves or nature.

Nature vs. Nurture

I believe the effect we have on each other is even more powerful than nature. Yes, there are instances of chemical imbalances in people, but I believe the percentage is extremely low. In nearly every other case, someone's "ill-nature" can be traced back to poor nuturing, which can be traced back to ambigious paradigms on truth. People aren't evil or stupid or whatever else justifies your hatred towards them. They're neglected. I believe, on a long enough timeline, everyone could be nurtured to a more stable jumping off point where it's then up to them to self-actualize. I believe we have a responsibility to one another not to leave anyone behind, namely by not preemptively giving up on them.

Civic Duty - A Forgotten Discipline

This responsibility translates into civics when it involves those persons not in our immediate circles. Thus, life is not simply about the "pursuit of happiness," unless it's everyone's happiness. In other words, Life has a great deal to do with duty as well, which involves more than "not hurting others," because of the fact we indirectly hurt others through our pursuits. We should strive never to be a burden on society.

Pandering to Our Least Common Denominators - Fear/Hubris

I'll use the entertainment industry as an example. Those in the industry would be wise to produce material which doesn't promote the breakdown of the society that allows them to produce material. Taking this a step further in terms of my belief system, they have a duty to promote the foundational tenets of the society in order to enable its thriving. Most of the entertainment we produce, however, caters to our vices, which extend out of our fears and hubris. It's all about the path of least resistance and instant gratification. Take any remotely intellectual concept (like the "no pain, no gain" concept from earlier), you can be sure it will be marginalized and then sensationalized until it fits on a t-shirt and there's little truth left, but it incites our basist nature, that part of us focusing on pain and pleasure.

The Pursuit of Foolhardiness

The problem with America is: a country founded on limited liberty has devolved into a nation gluttonous for absolute freedom, all thanks to a subversively contrived and poorly articulated set of principles. Thus, promoting the foundational tenets of America simultanesouly involves promoting the breakdown of America. The so-called "preeminent supernation," a "beacon on a hill" for all others, arrogantly promotes the worst in humaniy, as described herein, and expects the best results. More.