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Beginning with this page, I have attempted to thoroughly overview my belief system, cutting off the tips of only the most impactful waves. Many of those waves are very likely to rock a few boats as they fly in the face of many of today's standards. It is imperative readers take the time to understand the reasoning herein and not simply balk at each idea which is contrary to their own. I assure you, I have taken great strides to infuse my belief system with sound logic and pragmatic hope, two tools which few, if anyone, dislikes or can deny as being useful for building a new world.

The Importance of Objective Truth's Unimportance

The Objective Truth, particularly the Objective Truth behind the origin of existence, to include, of course, mankind, is the most important truth there is because it establishes the PARAMETERS of all existence. Within those parameters is what many would refer to as the rather allusive "meaning of life," but is best thought of in terms of "making lemonade out of lemons." I say this because the Objective Truth is, apparrently, very unapparent, making it simultaneously the least important truth there is because we may never KNOW, with 100% certainty, the Objective Truth "itself." In other words, the Objective Truth claims of religious leaders and astrophysicists alike are dubious at best when subjected to self-evidence and undeniability, the prerequisites for building a solid foundation for our identities and cultures; however, the parameters, like those below, are not beyond certainty's reach.

Sensation, Perception, & Worldviews

As my needs and behavior paradigms indirectly suggest, because of the Objective Truth's insistence the first thing we KNOW is pain and suffering through sensation AND because we EXPERIENCE existence from a finite point as individuals through perception, we tend to project ourselves on existence, trying to manipulate it in order to guarantee our survival via satisfying our needs. The result of the interplay between sensation and perception is a self-centric worldview, within which our haphazard identities and cultures are wrapped, and which causes us to regard any sort of truth in the most obtuse way possible.

Assumptions, Biases, & Untruths

In the midst of the above, we also tend to take the process of arriving at truth for granted. All too often, we accept prevailing assumptions, or worse, biases, without question. This process and more is encapsulated very succinctly in the chart found here. I've addressed many, but not all, of the assumptions and biases to which humanity blindly clings at, though they are called "untruths" there. They're called untruths there because so many are contrary to existence, as in they don't actually exist except in the mind of mankind. Think: horse tethered to a lawn chair.

Get out of the way and Let Truth Reign

I believe there are some chains we cannot break - those establshed by the Objective Truth - yet we insist on ignoring them and creating illusory chains. Humanity needs to learn how to better distinguish truth from untruth, if only to rid the world of untruths, thus allowing real truth to rise on its own. Read on.