Utopia -- Not only Possible, but Inevitable

Consequences be Damned!!

We think we're justified in being foolhardy because there are no noticeable consequences, apart from those that are explained away by our faulty assumptions. I can tell you there are DEFINITE consequences. They're difficult to see because few people see the alternative system we could have.

Systems Shmystems

When it comes to top-down approaches to managing people, such as religious, political, and/or economic systems, I'm an Anarchist; when it comes to bottom-up approaches to people managing themselves, through spirituality, logic, and/or hope; I'm a Totalitarian. Therefore, I'm really something in between in terms of a system, but there's no point in figuring it out because systems don't matter. Well, systems matter, but not until we nail down concerns like those mentioned up to this point. The systems are sure to endlessly flounder otherwise, as we can clearly see. If we had a baseline of understanding concerning the parameters of the Objective Truth at the top and a social contract clarifying the preferred behavior of citizens at the bottom, I guarantee our systems would automatically form in the middle...for the most part...but there's one thing more we'd need - a goal.

Utopia - Our Greatest Challenge

Rather than construct loose guidelines to push our actions to an unknown location, we should design strict guidelines to pull us to an exact location - utopia. If you think about it, achieving utopia is our only worthwhile endeavor as a lifeform. If there's a God, it would seem God doesn't want us to achieve utopia. So, why don't we go for it and prompt God to come out of hiding? If evolution controls ours destiny, then optimizing our existence, or at least getting to homeostasis, is perfectly natural. Why not evolve beyond our instincts? Let's stop worrying about living in accordance with "timeless truths of old," which we don't even know exist with any great certainty. Let's stop worrying about our comfort levels in the moment, which invariably puts others at a disadvantage either way we go. Let's worry about the world of the future, which can be shaped more easily than you probably think.

The Journey's End

We'll know we've achieved a utopian society when we all believe, "There is nothing worth fighting for." Remember the mantra I provided for overcoming conflict? If we take that to a logical and hopeful conclusion, conflict is always avoidable/preventable. Keep in mind, that statement is directed at those who initiate conflict, first and foremost, but also to those who counter it, though secondarily.

A Prediction

I believe beyond any doubt we will one day arrive at a vast utopian society. There's no way around it. We'll continue to heighten our average intelligence and learn how to control fear and hubris until it becomes more instinctual than our current instincts. It may take many more failures before we get there, but I'm certain we will. It'd be nice if we could get there a little sooner than eons from now. I believe that's going to require more examplary persons for others to immulate. Read more.