Your Entrepreneurial Advice Resource (YEAR)


"Make this your YEAR for success!"


YEAR is the “advisory council” behind tomorrow's startups.


To individually empower entrepreneurs to achieve their visions.


Your Entrepreneurial Advice Resource (YEAR) was founded on one simple principal – mentorship is invaluable to entrepreneurial success. Mentorship in its truest form is one-on-one, focused coaching. It requires interaction, not self-education. It demands tailored advice, not lecturing. Too often, mentoring organizations are unable or unwilling to meet aspiring entrepreneurs where they are. Further, they offer products and services that are too broad to be useful. As a result of this disconnect, aspiring entrepreneurs are left feeling helpless and overwhelmed – they simply don't know where to begin.

YEAR is different. YEAR is an organization that exists as a network of accessible communities of professionals with diverse backgrounds, all with entrepreneurial spirits, ready to provide the very best in entrepreneurial advice in a small group setting in order to propel each member's individual ventures towards success. A core “dream team,” possessing knowledge capital within the full-range of disciplines connected to starting a business, adapts the activity of sessions in accordance with members' particular needs. Guided discussions, directed assignments, and critical feedback loops, over a minimum three month period, ensure every member achieves entrepreneurial empowerment. There's only one other place you can hope to obtain this kind of instruction – an expensive university.

That explains what YEAR is guaranteed to do for you, but YEAR could be so much more. If you boil the requirements for starting a business down to knowledge, people, time, and money, then YEAR will undoubtedly serve as your source for knowledge, but it could potentially prove to be a source for people as well. With everyone sharing their endeavors openly, in a secure environment, there is a high degree of potential for finding common goals and building partnerships. Not to mention, at the very least, there are likely to be countless opportunities for exchanging services with fellow attendees. Like most anything, you get back what you put in. It's up to you to make this “your YEAR!”